Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aspiring Bakers #13: Enjoy Cupcakes! (November 2011) -Roundup

Thanks everyone for supporting Aspiring Bakers #13: Enjoy Cupcakes! (November 2011). A total of 237 entries from 101 different bakers were received. Other than bakers from Malaysia and Singapore, I did receive entries from other countries  (i.e. Indonesia, Vietnam) too, cool right? 

I have to admit that the work of sorting out and compiling these entries are not as easy as I thought, but it's worth the effort I think. I'm glad to see various creative and unique  cupcakes ideas.  So take your time and scroll down to see all the cupcakes by our aspiring bakers. I hope that you will have just as much fun as I have in viewing all these cupcakes, and I'm sure that they will give you some inspiration in your baking in future :)


奶油小杯子蛋糕 by Rachel Hei of ~温馨小厨~

Bailey Cupcake  by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen

 Oreo Cupcake  by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen

Coca Cola Cupcake  by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen

Kit Kat Cupcake  by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen

Lemon Cupcake with Lemon Curd Filling by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen

 Oatmeal Cupcake  by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen 

Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcake by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen 

Zebra Cupcake  by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen

 Key Lime Cupcake by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen

 Lemon Rosemary Cupcake by Abbygail of Abbygail's Kitchen

 Butter cupcakes by Bluebakeblogger of blue, bake, blog

 Sesame Seeds Walnut Cupcakes 芝麻核桃小蛋糕 by Petra of Pet猫猫

 烫面豆奶戚风小蛋糕 by Petra of Pet猫猫

超级迷你奶香红茶小蛋糕 Mini Milky Tea Cupcakes by Petra of Pet猫猫

  香橙水蜜桃牛油小蛋糕Orange Peach Butter Cupcakes by Petra of Pet猫猫


Beehive Cupcakes by Li Shuan of Helena's Kitchen



 Snoopy CupcakesButter-less Avocado Chocolate Cupcakes by Hankerie of



 Lemon Cupcakes by Michelle Yeap of Little Princess

 Ginger Cupcakes by Adeline of LiteHomeBake


 Plum cupcakes by Quay Po of Quay Po Cooks

Sponge Cupcake  by Vivian Pang of Vivian Pang Kitchen



 香橙奶油纸杯蛋糕 by Sim Mong Choon of 春煮煮炒炒烘烘

 Black Bottom Cupcake by Pink Lady of Lucky Inn

 Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcake by shirley@kokken69 of Kokken69

 Marble cupcake by Dariel Quek of Yummyfoodbook

 Red Velvet Cupcakes by LL Ng 


Thanks again for making this event a success! 

The theme for this month is Aspiring Bakers #14:Creative Christmas Bakes hosted by hosted Hankerie. The closing date is: 31 December 2011. All entries will be complied and posted by 1 January 2012.

* Do let me know if I've accidentally missed out any entries or any mistakes in names/links. Thanks! 


  1. 不知道为什么,看了超感动!谢谢大家踊跃参与!也谢谢你费这么多心思和时间整理所有的作品! :)

  2. Wow...awesome, so much entries!! Thanks for all the effort. Over the baton to me now.

  3. 谢谢您们辛苦了,非常感激你们给我们机会表现自己的作品,给我们很大的信心。谢谢Min 和Small Small Baker.

  4. Amazing , amazing... Min , I have to say thank you for your great effort . ;)

  5. I am so happy for joining this event. The previous one also. Thank you, min .. thank you everyone to all aspiring bakers :)

  6. love the collages you made min! great effort there, and lovely cupcakes from everyone :D

  7. i feel like flipping through a cupcake recipe books when scroll down from top to bottom to see all kinds of cupcakes presented by our blogger friends...:)
    thanks for you guys time and effort to make Aspiring Bakers event so much success...

  8. Well done Min!Thank you for your hard work!

  9. thks Min for your great effort, very much appreciated :)
    such a wonder to view all the yummilicious cuppies!

  10. There are so many cupcake recipes! 看到眼花缭乱! Thanks for compiling! (:

  11. SSB, 其实噢, 我收到那么多作品的时候也是很感动呢, 大家都很支持! 也要谢谢你, 给我这个机会做host:)

    Hankerie, thanks for your big support too! I baked so many cupcakes last month ,hehe!

    春煮煮炒炒烘烘, 谢谢你的参与! 加油哦!

    Abbygail',it's worth the effort, next time when you want to make any cupcakes, can choose from here lo :)

    Novia, thanks for your support to this event, happy baking ya!

    Janine, haha, we have too many entries till one collage is not enough to occupy all the cupcakes.

    Sherleen, I think our cupcake collection is much more compared to recipe book, hehe, really very touched to receive so many entries :0

    Faeez, thanks! Credits to all bakers too!

    Jasline, 我觉得要花点时间慢慢消化, 作品很多呢!

  12. It is like walking into a cupcake bakery! Beautiful bakes!

  13. 辛苦你了,min,u did the great job :)

  14. 看到这么多漂亮的杯子蛋糕,心情也跟著开心起来了,尤其是看到你把这么多的照片,全部排在同一张里,很漂亮哦。。请问你是用什么软件的呢?。。

  15. 好壮观,太漂亮了。。。

  16. kitchen flavours, hehe, hope this can give you some ideas when you want to bake some cupcakes next time :0

    Bernice, 谢谢, 花了小小的心思有这样的效果, 很有满足感!

    Sally, 谢谢你的参与, 不好意思把你忘了, 我是用photoscape把它们合在一起, 然后再再用photo impact把它们再合一起。

    Rachel, 谢谢你给的赞! 感动呢:)

  17. Min, Thank you for hosting. Great roundup!

  18. Min, 好美的杯子蛋糕大集合!thanks for your effort!

  19. congratulations on yet another success of the event! these are all great inspirations! Thank you, Min!

  20. 好赞的大集合:)

  21. Min, thnaks for the great round up. You must have put in alot of effort sorting out the post. Your hard work is much appreciated. I have a great time browsing through the round up. Well done!

  22. Ann, thanks! You are welcome, I enjoy the whole process of hosting too!

    Ah Tze, 很多不同的杯子蛋糕ho,下次缺乏点子就来这里看看:)

    lena, yeah, happy to receive so good response :)

    鲸鱼, 这个星期日, 时间地点我再告诉你噢!

    Li Shuan, thanks for your support for this event. I enjoy browsing all those cupcakes too, I think all of you did a great job :)

  23. Hi Min, Thank you for such a wonderful compilation. Really appreciate the effort of those of you who volunteered to host these event. This is such a great cupcake recipe book, what a great collection, by the time i scroll to the bottom, i couldn't remember what flavours I saw in the beginning! And I love the collage too!

  24. Lite Home Bake, glad that your love the round up. I happy to receive so many entries and enjoy so much browsing at them. Hope to get your continuous support for Aspiring Bakers :)

  25. Fantastic roundup! Many thanks for all the effort put in to this. I really appreciate your hard work! Hugs.

  26. 因为有你的付出,

  27. Quay Po, it's my pleasure :) I'm enjoying myself hosting this event too!

    Kate, 其实很感动那么多朋友的参与, 将来要找杯子蛋糕, 这里有很多的ideas噢!

  28. Thank you, Min, for compiling the cupcakes into nice collages! The exciting part is to search for my cupcake picture amongst those tempting treats! It must've really taken you lots of time and effort to do it! Great job!

  29. can see you putting a lot of effort compiling this roundup post,Thanks Min..need some time to go through each of the cupcake ^_^

  30. Passionate About Baking, you are welcome! Happy to get so good response from fellow bakers, hope to have your continuous support for Aspiring Bakers :)

    Sonia, haha, that day I compiled till midnight lo :) Anyway, enjoying being the host of AB, take your time to browsing through cupcakes ya!

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  32. 您们好^^

  33. Hi Min!! thanks so much for hosting =D it looks like hard work putting it all together but you did a great job :) who knew there were so many different cupcakes ^^ keep up the baking!

  34. 佳佳, 上次杯子蛋糕的主题已经结束了, 不过你可以参加这个月新的主题, 关于圣诞节的, 就是只要烘焙任何与圣诞节有关的点心, 然后email给那个主人家, 就可以了, 你可以看这里

    Baking Tray, thanks for support this event too! So happy seeing so many types of cupcakes from this round, happy baking ya!

  35. Hi Min,

    Errrr i think I cannot find my two entries on the Kiwifruit cupcakes and nutella cupcakes which i emailed you.

  36. Hi Ellena, sorry to hear that, can you give me your email you used to send me? Thanks!

  37. Hi Min, your job were so awesome, putting all the cuppy cakes together. They look like a "cupcakes parade" so great..Thanks again...^^

  38. Thanks, Mui Mui! Remember to come here when you want some ideas for cupcakes :)

  39. It seems so delicious :) I'll try this at home for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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