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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday :)

Yes, today is my sister, Sze Queen's birthday. Hehe, I promised to bake her a cake. Unfortunately, she's still in KL, didn't have chance to celebrate with her. Initially, I told her I will 'msn' her the cake, but now I think I better 'blog' her the cake.

Here is it. My first chiffon cake, not really successful, tastewise is still okay. Will try again next time to be a more flully one.

Queen, this one is for you. I've asked 'someone' to finish it on your behalf. Haha...


  1. Wa... now can blog cake somemore ah. Okla, this time you practice, next time I go back you bake good good one for me. hehehehe.

  2. Sure la, have read up some articles, realized where my mistakes are:)

  3. hey, like ur words for thought. add u in my list ok?

  4. Hey WeiKeen, sure la! Quite surprise to hear that you've a blog too :)

  5. So, are you going to 'blog' me a cake too on my bday? Tee hee hee...

  6. Eileen: No problem of course, end of the year right? Hehe...


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