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Monday, October 1, 2007

New life!

I know it has been a while since I last updated my blog. So much things happened during this period. I have been transferred to Pejabat Kesihatan Hulu Perak since last week. Wondering where is that 'ulu' place situated at? Hehe, it's in Grik, around 2-hour drive from Ipoh. Of course, I was quite depressed and hard to accept the fact that I'm 'ordered' to go there, I was not given any choices, what I can do is just to accept, accept and accept. However, I really feel grateful that I'm not alone there. I managed to meet a bunch of new friends there, they really make my life more lively :) I rented a room in Grik. It is actually a small town, and nothing much entertainment there. Yeah, of course, I miss those shopping places and boutiques in Ipoh, hehe. Life here is somewhat different from Ipoh, here is slow and relax, the weather is cooler and is safer (hopefully^^). The people is more friendly and I;m always 'warned' not to do anything bad here because later or sooner the whole town will know about it, haha.

Ok, that's all for this time. I will save some for next time...since I think my job over here is quite free, I have abundance of free time:)


  1. hi sze min,
    you changed the working place ? hope you all the best :) enjoy your days!!

  2. Yes, I changed to Gerik already, it's situated at the north site of perak. You take care ya!

  3. post some pics here if got ya....wan to c yr new living place...:) take care my fren~

  4. Hi Sze Min,

    I am just dropping by to say 'Hi'. I have been your silent reader for quite sometimes already. Can I link you to my blog?

    Until next time! Take care!


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