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Friday, May 9, 2008


It's raining outside and I don't feel like continuing my work, so it reminds me of one thing I wanna blog since last week. My youngest sister passed me a new recipe for pancake which she got it from the internet. The main ingredients are almost the similar with those pancakes I did last time, except that this time, we have to add in yongurt and mashed bananas. So the texture was richer and not so dry. My sister and I both prefer the new recipe, hehe...can try out again next time.

Pancake with ice-cream topping, yummy :)


  1. yeah I also want! Do for me tomorrow!! Must do!!!

  2. wei ... you make so many things, y I go all the way to Grik also cannot taste any geh? hmmm ... let me taste and blog ma :)

  3. June: So, are you satisfied now? Hehe..

    James: I did all that in Ipoh la, not in Gerik :)


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