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Monday, June 16, 2008

Rosti, rosti...

Okay, here comes my rosti. This entry is specially dedicated to June. Haha, look similar? I know it's not so presentable, but at least is better than the one you made that day, isn't? At least, Yeen ate 3/4 of it, then daddy and me finished the remaining.

The way of cooking this dish is pretty simple. First, wash and boil two potatoes, peel off the skin, and grate them into slices. Then, heat up the pan with some butter, and fill the pan with the potato slices. Flip them over when when the bottom turn golden brown. Flipping it over may need some skills and practise (this explains why my rosti is not in a round shape, hehe). Then, it's ready to be served when the other side turn goldern brown. The taste? Quite nice, although it looks ugly, hehe. Anyway, will try again next time, maybe can make a better one :)


  1. That's because we bought a new grater ma! I want to eat!!!

  2. 如果要圓形就要用圓的平底鍋吧^^

  3. 如果要圓形就要用圓的平底鍋吧^^

  4. June: Yala, part of the success contributed by the grater, but it still needs some skills la. So you try this weekend lo.

    Ling: 我忘了说,本来我的rosti是圆形的,因为我都用圆的平底锅,只是当我翻的时候不小心,才弄到这样的样子。下次我再做的时候,会加点料,因为这次我只是抱着试试看的心态而已。

  5. ROSTI! still remember the flavourful potato dish from Marche, guess that's where you gained the inspiration for this dish?
    once again, when can I ever try and review your 'masterpieces' on my blog, huh?

  6. James: You're right, I got my inspiration from Marche, hehe. My so called 'masterpieces' are still not up to standard, so how to let u review ler?


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