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Sunday, September 7, 2008

A bread machine, finally!

Hehe, own a bread machine finally!

After comparing prices from few shops, I decided to get the cheapest one, since I’m on tight budget. This bread machine has the basic function, where you can choose whether you want to bake a sweet, French or whole wheat loaf. Just add in the ingredients – flour, sugar, water, yeast etc., set it to the desired function, and let it run on its own.

However, this is not my main interest. What I’m concerned is the kneading function of the machine. You can select the ‘dough’ function, where the machine will stop after the kneading process. You will then need to take out the dough, shape it, allow rising a final time, and then baking conventionally. By doing this, you are able to shape your bread in various shapes or put in any kind of fillings. It sounds more fun, isn’t it? All this while, kneading is a tough process for me, I never manage to pass through that 'stretch' test, so hopefully, this machine can help me in kneading.

To try out my new machine, I don’t want to make thing complicated. So, I decided to make a loaf of bread, instead of shaping the dough myself. Got this ‘Honey Wholemeal Bread’ recipe from Jo's Deli & Bakery, ingredients are indeed simple (bread flour, whole wheat flour, water, honey and yeast). My bread loaf was ready in 3 hours 40 minutes.

The outcome? Just as reviews from fellow bloggers, bread baked using bread machine has a harder crust. However, the inner part is soft and fluffy. The bread should be finished as soon as possible, since the longer it’s kept, it will become harder.

I added in some chocolate chips, but I think it didn't make a good combination with the wholewheat bread.

The next time, I will try out the ‘dough’ function and shape the dough myself.

Some items on my to do list:

Hokkaido Milk Loaf

Cream Cheese Bread

Sweet Potato Bread

Mango Yogurt Bread


  1. wei.. Baking QueEn... geng geng geng.. hehe... reli look like those bread we get frm bakery shop... muz learn from u one day... ;)

  2. wei, Hokkaido Milk Loaf I want, book 1st, so can sample some.

    you know, in Pg, there's an old bakery new Swatow Lane, named Continental? they make their own bread, and mostly healthy varieties. lots of grains. try them, some of their choices quite nice.

  3. 你真的跑去買囉^^妳跟我都很神經ㄟ,想做的事情都會去做,比如買麵包機~哈

  4. KCA: Hey, still not as good as those we got from outside la, but if you got a bread machine, you can bake your own bread also, it's really easy:)

    James: Never heard about that bakery shop before, I haven't been to Pg for some time lo, next time I will pay a visit.

    Ling: 我还是理智的啦,我也考虑了很久。我很久没有买东西了啊,我这个那么有用的东西英国不会浪费吧,呵呵。还是下次如果你也买了,我们可以一起研究面包机的,好吗?

  5. Ya, i like continental's bread too! I want your bread next!

  6. wa!! ruby likes to eat bread one wo.. he's bread dog.

  7. How much is the machine??? @@

  8. Mindy: Hehe, I bought from Parkson, it cost Rm299. You interested also?

  9. I am interested to eat only, haha

  10. huh,299 only?wat brand is tat?hehe,maybe i can buy one oso,no need to knead knead knead like cow,haha.&is it user frenly so far?

  11. huh,299 only?wat brand is it?mayb i should buy 1 oso,so tat no need to knead knead knead like a cow, it user frenly so far?

  12. Jessie: The brand is Takoda, I bought from Parkson. It's user friendly, just need to press a few button. Usually I use the machine to help me to knead dough only, then I do the proving and shaping my own.

  13. do it hv a delay time setting?i wish i can set the time so tat i can hv a freshly baked bread the time i want to i bake at nite but eat next morning.actually im quite ok for the kneading part,but i dun like the proving part cuz it's very time consuming,i hv to stay at home whole day if i am to bake bread.

  14. Yes, got the function. You can set the time and get a freshly bread ready in the morning. However I haven't tried that function before. I seldom use the machine to break bread because I find baking using that machine produced a harder crust and limited to bread loaf only. Sometimes I prefer to make bun, because it's fun to shape the dough. hehe...


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