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Friday, September 19, 2008

Green Tea Chiffon Cake

This can be considered the most successful chiffon cake I've ever made. Usually I don't have luck in baking chiffon cake, I've failed a couple of times (problems with my egg white I think). However, after few time of practise, hehe, finally I managed to get a perfect one.

Got this recipe from Florence's site. I've halved the ingredients to suit my 18cm pan. I also added some chocolate chips since I think green tea and chocolate chips make a good combination. The chiffon cake turned out to be soft and fluffy, with a hint of green tea aroma.


  1. 給你拍拍手啦!淒風蛋糕ㄟ~很厲害喔^^

  2. June: Wa only? No other comment? Dun worry, we bake together when you back k?

    Ling: 算最成功的一次啦,所以很开心。绿茶跟巧克力味道合得来的,放了巧克力豆就不会太单调了。我是用烘培店卖的绿茶粉,不过素质不适太好,味道有点淡。


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