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Monday, December 1, 2008


Time flies, have been working back in Ipoh for a month already. I think I managed to adapt the environment pretty well, but still got a lot to pick up. Most of the time, I was doing dispensing at the counter, and last week, I met a few teachers who taught me in secondary school. I was very happy to be able to meet them again, since I've not met them after I graduated from school. Hehe...

The first one I met is Ms FKH, she used to be our school Penolong Kanan if I'm not mistaken, I remember she taught me Maths before, and I still remember her stylish 'spectacles', haha...Then the next day, I met Pn. LPH, she was my class teacher during my form 6. I still remember clearly how she gave me comfort and encouragement when my mum passed away that time. I really appreciate her support that help me walked through the tough period. Another one is Ms Chee, who used to teach us Statistic, she still looked the same... but I think she should have retired by now lo...

Then I also met Mr Ooi, my form 6 Physics teacher. He did his teaching in a very different manner, he liked to tell us a lot of stories, which helped us to remember a lot of facts, and this really made the lecture more interesting. I really enjoy his classes very much because it's not so tension compared with other classes.

I really want to say a big thank you to all the teachers who have taught me before. Where will I be today if without them?


  1. Ooh, u met so many teachers! I think i met the band/chinese teacher, and oso the physics Ng.

  2. 真是乖孩子~^^還會去想以前老師對你的好

  3. SuWei: I met the band/chinese teacher also, some time ago at Jusco...

    Ling: 我觉得老师对我们来说很重要, 没有他们, 就没有今天的我们的啦~


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