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Saturday, December 9, 2006

I'm back but going to leave again^^

Just back from Pangkor Island this evening, but gonna leave for JB later at night. It was a great trip I think. Although it was tiring, forced to wake up early and slept late, it was enjoyable to be able to gather with fellow friends. I started to have sore throat on the 2nd day because have eaten too much junk food...yeah, it's ST's fault. Now, I think I have caught a cold, hope it won't be that worse, I still need more energy to guide me through these few "important" days. Hehe, till then, take care everyone!


  1. pangkor島是那裡?JB又是那裡?我只知道kl~^^

  2. Pangkor是在霹雳州的一个岛, 跟我住的地方还蛮近的。
    JB是Johor Bahru的简称, 就是柔佛州, 在大马南部, 很靠近新加坡。


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