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Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'm really grateful for having this 5-day break,which enable me to enjoy my sweet time at home and do whatever I like. So what have I baked this time?

Deng, deng, deng, deng....

FOCACCIA (pronounced [foˈkatːʃa] foe-CAH-cha)

This time I bake something different from the normal type of bread. It's a modified-style of Focaccia. According to Wikipedia, Focaccia is a flat oven-baked Italian bread, usually seasoned with herbs and olive oil, topped with onion, cheese and meat. Focaccia doughs are similar to pizza doughs in terms of style and texture. I used my bread machine to help in kneading the doughs consisting of bread flour, olive oil, yeast, sugar and water.

I adapt this recipe from DailyDelicious. I stuffed the Focaccia with Cheddar cheese and ham, and spreaded some mix herbs on top. What can I say about the taste of this bread? I like the combination of the ham with cheddar cheese, it's really cheezy. As for the bread, it's crusty, and best served when it's warm and freshly baked.

Will try this recipe again in future, but will replace the cheese and ham with garlic spread instead..hehe...


  1. wei.. very yummy la... hehe.. best for my breakfast... coz i used to take milk with oat + cheese ham bread as my breakfast... hehe..

  2. Yummy yummy, I like cheese too!Then you know what i mean..:P

  3. haha...thanks b4hand, for the post in ENGLISH. makes things so much easier for me.

    foccacia's one of my fav snack/light meal. you know, b4 Dave Deli at Jusco was closed, they used to serve some mean foccacias. with cheese, and tuna. how I miss those ...

    wei bring some 2mr nite la!! you're going EElektra hz rite?

  4. ChiewAng: Yeah, it's suitable for breakfast, but I don't dare to eat too much, will get fat easily, hehe..

    SuWei: Haha, I know what to do, but be patient ya :)

    James: I've never tried Focaccia from Dave Deli before, so don't know whether mine is similar or not. Tonight most probably not going lo, but next time la, I bring you all some...

  5. OMG!! I saw sthg creamy on the inside!! Dont tempt me plssss... lol!

  6. Nice one beat me to it:) Have been wanting to try this focaccia from dailydelicious but due to busy schedule during the raya holidays have postponed it. will be trying this out soon. Shld be nice ya.


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