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Monday, November 10, 2008

Raisin and Chocolate Chip Scones

Yeah, I finally tried this! I baked this on last Sunday morning, when I woke up and couldn't find anything to fill up my stomach. So I flipped through my recipe book and I found this recipe which I got from Florence's blog. It looks pretty simple.

I managed to get the dough done in 15 mins. However, I realized that my dough was too sticky and difficult to work with. I couldn't even knead it properly. I forced myself to look through the recipe again to find out the problem. Then, I only realized that I've added in 3 tbsp of milk instead of 3 tsp...Oh.. I was still blur early in the morning, till I made this silly mistake. Anyway, I added in some flour to 'rescue' my sticky dough, but I still didn't manage to shape the dough nicely. Luckily the results were not too bad, it was crunchy outside and soft inside. I will definitely bake this again, with the correct amount of milk next time, hehe...

My breakfast ---> Freshly baked scone served with strawberry jam...


  1. Hi Min,

    You are really good at baking :0 nice scones and have added it to my To-Do list.

    Btw, I have tagged you on my blog, have fun.

  2. 那麵糊本來就是很黏綢,我想你會不會加太多牛奶,不過看起來成品並不差阿,感覺還不錯

  3. wei i like scones lah!
    been buying them from the supermarket, plain scones with raisins. easy to eat and yummy.

    try diff combination lah. maybe orange flavour. or apple. or pear. haha .....

  4. Elin: Thanks for tagging ya, I love visiting your blog also :)Happy baking!

    Ling: 我的面糊没有太浓稠,我想是牛奶太多了,我只是加了少量的巧克力豆和葡萄干,所以不会太天。我的葡萄干没有浸過萊姆酒或白酒, 因为家里没有,所以葡萄干出来有点干。

    James: Yalo, last time I used to buy scones from supermarket also, really yummy. Hehe, orange/ apple/ pear scones? You are so creative, but that flavours are not too prominent, dunno what will it turn out, if got time I try and let you know, haha....

  5. Why you like to add blood clot on it? Next time do one without blood clot de. ;-) Ruby got voice d?

  6. June: Chok sei is it? Spoilt my leng scone only, next time I don't want to bake for you la, you eat bread with blood clot enough...ruby got voice d, I told you he got his own immune system one, so no worries la.

  7. what is chok sei? hahahahahaha. i tot he needs to be hospitalized..

  8. Zhok sei la...u dunno mer...cantonese la.


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