Saturday, January 24, 2009

新年饼之三: 德国酥饼

再过几天就是新年了, 但是我的新年饼干的功课还没做完呢。 这个德国酥饼, 是昨天晚上弄的。 在网上看到大家都弄这个, 而且超级的简单, 但是大家都对这个赞不绝口, 所以我也要试试看到底有多厉害。

呵呵, 真的试过才能知道味道, 如果你喜欢奶油香的话, 一定会很喜欢这个饼干。 因为它的口感很酥, 就是那种溶在口里的感觉, 而且记得用比较好的牛油, 因为牛油在材料中占大部分。 虽然面团很粘, 不容易处理, 但是我觉得这个酥饼我会再次弄, 我喜欢这个会肥死人的饼干,哈哈。

饼干不用烘到金黄色的, 乳白色的饼干感觉很‘单纯’, 呵呵。。。


A: Butter 250g, Icing Sugar 80g
B: Potato Starch 250g, Flour 100g

1. Whisk ingredients A till well-combined, add in ingredients B to form a dough. Shape according to preference.
2. Bake in preheated oven at 170'C for 15-20 mins.

真的会吃上瘾的, 肥死人了...


  1. hi gal..wanna ask oh, the butter and icing sugar need to beat till fluffy white? thx ya..happy cny..

    *winks*i think i'm only going to do this after cny..haha

  2. Hey Joo, I got beat them till fluffy...good luck in your baking ya and happy CNY to you too!

  3. I've made this but ended up to add extra flour to prevent it from too sticky... ~100g flour is added. I wonder did you encounter this prob?

  4. Stempania: Yes, the dough was very sticky for me too, and I added a bit of flour. However, I think the texture won't be those 'melt-in-the-mouth' type if too much flour is added.