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Friday, October 22, 2010

有惊无险的“肉松海苔面包 ”

还是继续挑战面包, 这次看到家里有肉松和海苔, 所以就选了孟老师的肉松海苔面包。 其实还真的很喜欢孟老师的这本书, 因为步骤都解释得很清楚, 份量也有注明, 而且其中一些食谱还有附影像解说, 真的让我获益不少。 尤其是面包整形的方式, 从影像看了真的比较了解。 

说回这个面包, 其实还真的有点倒霉, 面包在第二次发酵时, 我家竟然在没有预告下停电了。 而且我等了差不多半个小时还是没有恢复电流, 想一想, 面团再不烤应该会发酵过度了, 所以就立刻把它放进冰箱。 但是冰箱也不怎么行, 因为也是没电流, 不过应该是唯一的办法吧, 这样至少可以减慢发酵的速度。 还好过了不久, 电流恢复了, 我让它回温后, 就送进烤箱, 真的有惊无险, 面包还可以吃。

食谱: (取自孟老师100道面包)
  • 高筋面粉 200g
  • 细糖 10g
  • 盐 1/4 tsp
  • 原味优格 35g
  • 即溶酵母粉 1/2 tsp
  • 蛋黄 20g
  • 水 80g
  • 奶油 15g
内馅:肉松60g  海苔 1张
  1. 把面粉,细糖,盐,即溶酵母,优格, 水, 蛋黄, 放入面包机, 搅拌成团,继续搅拌成光滑的面团。
  2. 加入奶油继续搅拌成具延展性的面团。
  3. 面团放入容器盖上保鲜膜, 进行基本发酵, 大概80分钟。
  4. 再次压按面团及揉至光滑, 休面15分钟。
  5. 把面团擀成22cm的正方形。
  6. 反面后铺上均匀的肉松, 用手按平, 放一张海苔轻轻卷成圆柱体, 盖上保鲜膜, 进行最后发酵大概50分钟。
  7. 刷上均匀的蛋液, 放入已预热170'C的烤箱, 烤大概30分钟。 

肉松跟海苔的味道很搭, 所以整体来说都不错。 不过不懂是不是的刀不够利, 所以切面包的时候, 好难切, 肉松都散完出来, 所以卖相真的不太好。 而且这次做的面包第二天就明显的比较硬了, 我想可能跟我发酵的部分有关吧。 下次我还是尝试汤种面包看看吧。 


  1. Hmm. What is this called in English? I don't quite understand.

  2. This is Seaweed Chicken Floss bread :)

  3. I like bread and buns that are very light and fluffy...and weirdly extremely SOFT. (when you press it, it's tall will decrease from 2 inches into 1/2 inches...haha) that kind of bun. Is tangzhong bread like that? what kind of bread is that? I'm dying to try the recipe!

  4. ya, seaweed and chicken floss are perfect combination, my kids love this, yours look good.

  5. CarinE: I think tangzhong bread is much more softer then those normal ones, I've tried some of those recipes before and they never disappointed me. However, to make tangzhong, you need to spend a bit more time in preparing the dough, but worth trying!

    Sonia: Yes, in fact I'm planning to do this bread again in future but using tangzhong, hope will get a softer bread.

  6. i also like the combination of seaweed and chicken floss/pork floss, no matter is bun or egg roll. nice!

  7. Min,
    Until today, I am not even pass to make bread. I have a bread maker instead. I think probably is because of my fermentation process..and I am also no ideas why my bread came out with yeast smell .. sad of me!!!

  8. hmm... i bought 2 pkt of pork floss fr M'sia. ALso think of doing bread. Will try out soon. Yours look good :)

  9. Mindy: Ya, give me five! If got mayonnaise, will be even more yummy!

    ~董夫人~: Practise more, sure you will get it right one day! I'm also using bread maker, but to beat the dough only. The fermentation and baking process, I have them done outside the machine. Maybe you fermented it too long if you get a bread with yeast smell.

    鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝: 请你吃噢! 不过我这次做的还好而已, 没有太满意。

    Jane: Wow, 2kg, it sounds a lot, but I think will finish very fast. I love chicken floss very much, especially when it's served together with bread.

  10. Jess: Me too, I bought the porkfloss from Bangkok, they taste really yummy!

  11. Mindy: 你真的很配合, 呵呵!


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