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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Got my 'jubah' finally...

I purposely went down to KL to collect my jubah for my convocation. The collection time was scheduled to be nine in the morning. I heard from my seniors that we need to queue up as early as possible if we want to get the S size. They advised us to go at around six in the morning. Oh my god... it's too early for me. So Mindy and I decided to meet at 7.30am. When we reached there, there was already long queue. People came as early as five something in the morning. We have to queued for around three hours to get our number. Guess what number I got? I was the 1000th! Haha...what a good number^^. After getting our number, we need to queue up again to pay for the deposits and choose our jubah.

Long long queue...and it was raining also.

We finally settled with the jubah thing around twelwe afternoon. We collected our 11R photo frame too, it was so big and heavy. Then, we managed to meet up with LaiYong there. She came at ten something and she got number still need to wait for some time before she can get hers. Anyway, it's great to meet her again after 'seperated' for few months. Haha, we chatted for almost an hour at the car park there. Luckily we met YenSee there too, she drove us back to UT after having our lunch at Sec17.

Got our jubah finally^^ With Mindy and YenSee.

The jubah with the pinkish selendang.

Two invitation cards^^

It has been a tiring day for me. However, it's sweet to be able to see my ex-coursemates again. Hope to see you all again on convocation next wednesday!


  1. How come the photo so small?
    But it's good, i look so yucky there.

  2. Blogspot will resize for me, but I think it's better, no need to load for too long. You spec is so stylish, looked pinkish under the sun^^


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