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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

I caught a cold again, sigh, started with a terrible sore throat, followed with non-stop sneezing and running nose. It becomes so serious that I'm forced to get myself one tablet of Clarinase. I usually don't like taking medication, unless in unbearable condition. However, this medication did really help me in reducing the symptoms of flu.

I have promised my sister to bake her cinnamon rolls this weekend. So with the help of Clarinase, I am still able to proceed with my baking task this weekend. Actually, I jotted down this recipe from AllRecipe some time ago, it's said to be clone of Cinnabon. I think it's worth trying since most of the reviewers gave a five-star rating.

The results? The rolls are awesome :) I could say this is the best cinnamon roll recipe I have tried so far. They were so gooey and soft, however they were a bit too sweet for my liking. I also omitted the cream cheese frosting in order to cut down the calorie. My sister gave it 95 marks, much more better than cinnamon rolls I baked previously. This recipe is definitely a keeper, will do it again next time :)


  1. Hey, i like all your bread. It looks like those from bakery. Keep it up!

  2. 吃藥還是快一些吧^^我還是想加糖霜ㄟ,沒糖霜沒有吃肉桂捲的FU~

  3. SuWei: Thanks for your compliment, hehe, I really enjoy baking bread~

    Ling: 还好吃了药,现在好得七七八八了。 我不喜欢吃太甜的东西,所以这样对我来说刚刚好。你要投资我哦,不要怕亏本哦:)

  4. Really professional; you should have your own bakery (or do you have one already?)...this does not look like any normal attempt- you are talented!~

  5. yuh ... sedap lah! :)
    when can gimme try one? faster faster la ... wait til Eelektra wedding, bring some ok?

  6. yeah~~ i wan to have a try too... hehe.. count me in ya... ;)

  7. Christy: No, I don't have my own bakery, although I hope I can have one, hehe. Baking is one of my past time favourite, I really enjoy it :)

    James: Be patient k, I will bake again if we can orgainize a potluck dinner?

    KCA: Hehe, don't worry, won't forget about you.

  8. Haha 我的第一次面包制作体验就是做这个 Cinnamon bun 啦~ 因为本人超喜欢肉桂,连吃香蕉都要沾肉桂粉!But it turned out...发不起来...霄母被我烫死了..结果一家人凄凉的吃着硬到死的面包...好像在吃漏风漏到很够力的饼干....

  9. 下次再试做吧, 凡事都有失败的时候, 我也是很爱肉桂的味道。


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