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Thursday, October 20, 2011

要说 ‘谢谢你! ‘之车打起司蛋糕 Cheddar Cheese Cake

又来一个轻乳酪蛋糕, 不懂大家有没有看厌。 话说有天买了3大包的起司片回家, 觉得它很好用啦, 除了可以夹面包当早餐, 拿来做这个蛋糕也是很好的选择。 有时候一直在找新的食谱, 却忽略了一些以前尝试过的食谱。 这个就是一个很好的例子, 很久很久以前, 大概是刚刚喜欢烘培的时候, 我就对这个食谱赞不绝口了。 真的很谢谢hsling 那时候的分享。

车打起司蛋糕 Cheddar Cheese Cake (取自星厨房
  • 鸡蛋 3 个 (蛋白与蛋黄分开) 
  • 幼糖 50g
  • 塔塔粉 1/4 tsp
  • 起司片 3 片 
  • 鲜奶 50ml
  • 牛油 50g
  • 面粉 50g
  1. 起司片、鲜奶及奶油一起隔水煮溶,待凉。
  2. 蛋白及塔塔粉用高速打至起泡,幼糖分两次加入,打至硬及倒转盆而蛋白不会掉下来。
  3. 蛋黄倒入芝士糊内搅拌均匀。
  4. 将一半的蛋白倒入芝士糊内,用手轻轻搅拌均匀,筛入面粉,继续拌匀。
  5. 将芝士糊反倒入剩余的蛋白内,搅拌均匀。
  6. 预热烤箱 150 度,隔水烘烤 50 分钟。
 Cheddar Cheese Cake
  • Egg 3  (separate the egg white and yolk) 
  • Castro Sugar 50g
  • Tartar powder 1/4 tsp
  • Cheddar Cheese Slice 3
  • Milk 50ml
  • Butter 50g
  • Flour 50g
  1. Using double-boil method, dissolve the cheddar cheese, milk and butter. Set aside and let them cool down.
  2. Whisk the egg white with tartar powder, add in the castor sugar and whisk till hard peak forms.
  3. Add in egg yolk into the cheese batter.
  4. Pour out half of the egg white into the cheese batter, mix them well.
  5. Sieve in the flour, mix well. 
  6. Pour all the cheese batter into the remaining egg white, mix well. 
  7. Put into preheated oven 150‘C, bake them using double-boil method for 50 mintues.

其实烘这个蛋糕也让我想起几年前发生的一件事。 话说有次我的好朋友生日, 我给她烘了这个起司蛋糕带给大家一起吃。 可是有一位友人却一直不停的说我的起司蛋糕很像‘鸡蛋糕’, 一点都不像起司蛋糕, 其实那时候我觉得还好, 一切的意见我都可以接受的。 但是后来我有点不开心的是他把这个当做一个大众的话题, 到处去跟很多人说。 我承认我是有点小生气, 毕竟我只是一番心意, 也不是什么专业的烘焙达人还是什么。 但是后来这件事情跟他讲开了, 也没事了, 还好没有影响彼此的友情。 所以我是觉得不是每个人都会欣赏我的烘焙, 因此特别要真心的感谢一些一直给我鼓励加油的朋友, 让我可以一直继续坚持做我喜欢的烘焙, 真的很感恩 :) 

故事分享完毕, 说回这个蛋糕。 喜欢它简单的方式, 只要准备好起司片,再加上其它简单的材料就可以了。 而且方法都很简单, 初学者只要掌握好打蛋白的技巧, 应该都不会失败的。 烘蛋糕的时候就可以嗅到起司的香味了。 但是这款蛋糕属于轻起司的, 所以起司味不浓, 但是我觉得这样刚刚好, 吃了也不会负担。 

好吧, 就把这款蛋糕介绍给大家。 我要去收拾行李, 来一个短短的休假了:)


  1. 这蛋糕我很久没有做来吃了。看到Min很喜欢,我很高兴,也很荣幸~
    跟重乳酪蛋糕相比,我也是比较喜欢这种轻乳酪蛋糕,吃多了不觉得腻 ^^

  2. 你这次要去哪里?

  3. 这个我3年前做过!

    你又去哪儿gai gai?

  4. 很美!很美!看就知道好吃。很想吃!!):

  5. Hsling, 这个食谱我好喜欢, 所以要谢谢你啦, 有起司片的时候我总会想到这个食谱的, 很方便。

    学姐, 呵呵, 这次去很靠近的槟城而已啦, 因为近来心情起起伏伏, 要去散散心啦。

    Bernice, 这个我也是三年前做过, 然后有时会想起, 这次终于又做了, 找回昔日的味道, 开心。 我去近近的槟城啦:)

    Ann, thanks, try this lah, sure you will love it!

  6. min, I did this yesterday too. May be too long dint try cheese cake so my kids love it so much. And the method of doing is easy :) Yours look very nice.

  7. 你用多少寸的模??

  8. Min, I hear you. I had so many incident that is similar to what happened to you. On so many occasion, I baked out of good will and to share with all, but in exchange we get criticism. It's hard but I always tell myself I just listen can already, don't let them bring us down. Its good that you still have so many supporters! So jia you Min, you are an excellent cook, don't think otherwise. :D Btw, love the cheesecake! :))

  9. Jane, so coincidence! I love this cheesecake so much till I eat this for breakfast, tea and supper, haha!

    傻孩子, 我用7寸x7寸的西方模, 看了你的, 我觉得没问题, 烘到很漂亮啊。 它不是那种会发到高高的。

    Honey Bee Sweets, thanks for your words :) I do accept the criticism, it helps me to improve of course, however I cherish and appreciate more those friends who supported and gave me encouragement all this this while. You gambateh too ya!

  10. Min, I had similar encounter too. I believe there are some who think that cheese cake is mainly cheesy, dense and rich, especially for those who doesn't bake nor tried the lighter version. Prior to me baking, i dint know cheese cake can be as light and as nice without feeling too heavy a slice to eat. However, eversice I tried the Japanese/cottony/slice-cheese cake,I love it's uniqueness! Guess, for different people, different stroke. For sure, this is one cheese cake I love and will never get sick of eating it. And you have for sure, make it looks inviting!

  11. Jessie, totally agree with you, the friend of mine maybe expected something like classic cheese cake, that's why he gave this kind of comment. I didn't blame him actually, just felt a bit hurt. However, I love light cheese cake more than the classic ones, hehe, and this is the recipe which I will keep and share with everyone :)

    Ah Tze, 谢谢你!

  12. Sometimes a cake that we make in effort doesnt get its due appreciation. But do not let these deter you, cos you have my support, Min! :) Have fun in your trip.

  13. 我也是在很久很久以前做过~ 如今却已忘了他的味道。和轻乳酪蛋糕 (cream cheese的)相比,它是偏咸的,对吗?

  14. 来槟城,可以找我。 Keke...upekkah

  15. 在开部落前已烘过几次CCC,

  16. Hanushi, thanks for your support :) I will continue baking for my family and friends who appreciate my bakes, hehe.

    Pink Lady, 没错, 是有点偏咸的。 我也觉得, 我很感谢支持我的朋友, 所以我会继续下去, 好好的加油!

    Upekkah, 哈哈, 你要招待我吗。。。

  17. 小鱼, 我有时也是贪新忘旧, 所以到现在才把这个食谱拿出来回味一下那个味道!

  18. Min,
    Simple cake can bring unexpected pleasant surprise to our tastebud,more like our comfort food. I love the picture of your light cheesecake,I'm really tempted to make one today.
    I understand how you feels, i have similar experiences , so now i only made for those who appreciate my stuff.

  19. 请您吃炒果条, lok-lok 和福建面好吗?
    ^-* upekkah

  20. Look soft & fluffy, I definitely like this type of cake :)

  21. yaya, i remembered this Hsling's recipe, one of the cheese cake i made when i start to know baking and also just started my blog. This is definitely a keeper. My daughter wanted to learn baking cheese cake from me, look like i can teach her with this recipe.Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. 这个我做过,简单美味 ^_^


  23. glad that you made it up with your friend. anyway, all your bakes look wonderful..your breads and your cakes, they are look very pretty always and i'm sure they taste delicious too!!

  24. 又去休假?不是才休假完而已嘛?好幸福。羡慕。

  25. Hi Min, this is my 1st time leaving message in your post. Have been seeing you in some of the bloggers whom I follow.
    Love this cheese cake. They look very light & spongy!

  26. Sem, yeah, agree with what you said. You should try this cake one day, hope you will love it as much as I did :)

    upekkah, 我回来了! 你说的两样都有吃到, 只是没有吃到lok-lok而已, 太喜欢槟城的食物了!

    DG, a different one with the classic cheese cake, bake this if got chance :)

    Sonia, haha, I remember I start baking this cake back in 2008, it left so much memories for me till I love to bake this again and again. Yeah, you should teach your daughter this, simple and delicious!

    蓝色小厨, 看来喜欢起司的人还真多!

    爱丝特, 换了名字噢! 我回来啦, 带了满满的回忆, 还有很多照片, 整理后跟大家分享噢!

    albee妈咪, 谢谢! 平安回来了!

    lena, I don't want to loose out a good friend because I really cherish our friendship. Thanks for your encouragement, luckily, I still love sharing these bakes with my friends :)

    bacterium, 哈哈, 我可以说老土的一句吗, 休息是为了走更长远的路, 所以不断的出走还是需要的啦。

    Joelyn, 谢谢, 刚刚回了来!

    Jessie, thanks for dropping by :) You can try this cheese cake, easy and yummy too!

  27. The texture of your cheese cake looks perfect. I am sure it taste good. You are very wise to cherish friendships. You are doing a great job in baking so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  28. Thanks Quay Po for your encouragement! I really recommend this cake to all of you, it's easy to bake and tastes great :)

  29. You're getting so much better at using props and set-ups. Kudos, Min. So, when are you considering going big-time baker in Ipoh?

  30. Jt, haha, thanks for your compliment wo, haiya, so easy to be a big baker meh, now only a small baker at home;-)

    Yummy bakes, yeah, this cake is great, try it out!

  31. Min, thank you very much for posting the English version. Am book-marking this and thank you for sharing too.

  32. 和我一样,我每次和人家说我做的是日式芝士蛋糕,就会被人家误会我在做鸡蛋糕。。好无奈哦

  33. Yummy bakes, you are welcome!

    Wendy, 所以说, 这种蛋糕只有部份的人会欣赏的。

  34. 你好,想请问你一下,这个蛋糕我做了两次,每次烘的时候就涨得高高的,一拿出来就缩的很厉害,变成扁扁的,想知道我有弄错什么吗?谢谢。。


  35. Rainy, 不好意思, 现在才看到你的留言, 我觉得蛋糕拿出来变成扁扁的, 很大可能是蛋白没有打好, 要打到硬性发泡哦。

    1. 哦,谢谢你哦~我再试试看。。。。


  36. 你的面粉是低粉??还是中筋??

  37. Hi, three pieces of Chadder cheese means how many gram?

  38. HI... which brand of butter did u use to make this cake.


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