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Thursday, January 24, 2013

酥脆方形杏仁饼 Crispy Almond Square Cookies

饼干接力赛了,选了我自己喜欢的, 去年好像也有做过, 不过这个食谱会更好。 记得小时候的新年, 我最最最喜欢就是这种四方形的薄片饼干了。 后来这种饼干近年来就真的比较少见了, 因此我就为了满足自己的贪吃个性, 就无论多困难, 也要把这个饼干弄出来。

很感谢Sonia的这个食谱, 真的很好吃。 只是这个饼干的制作过程比较费心思, 因为烘烤一半要拿出来切片, 摸上蛋液在排上杏仁片, 再继续烘烤。 不过只要用心的慢慢做, 整个过程还是愉快满足的。 

(出处: Nasi Lemak Lover)  

2(14”x14”x 1/8 “ 方形烤盘)
* 1盘切成 – 1” x1.4” 小块, 可做 140

  • 奶油 190g
  • 糖粉 100g
  • 蛋白 50g
  • 低筋面粉 220g
  • 蛋黄粉 2tsp
  • 杏仁粉 50g
  • 杏仁片  
抹液: 3个蛋黄+1Tbsp 牛奶
  1. 电动搅拌器底速, 把牛油和糖粉拌匀。
  2. 继续用中速打3-4分钟, 直到比较轻盈。
  3. 加入蛋白, 继续打1分钟。
  4. 再加入杏仁粉, 拌匀, 筛入面粉和蛋黄粉, 拌大概1分钟直到成团 (蛮黏手的)
  5. 把面团分两次铺在烤盘上, 上面盖一层保鲜膜, 把面团擀平, 取下保鲜膜。
  6. 放入预热170‘C的烤箱, 烤大概4分钟。
  7. 取出, 冷切1分钟, 然后用刀切成四方块。
  8. 抹上蛋液, 放上杏仁片。
  9. 放入烤箱, 继续烤10分钟, 或者到金黄色即可。         
Crispy Almond Square Cookies
(Source: Nasi Lemak Lover)
* 2 x (14”x14”x 1/8 “ square trays)
* One tray – 14 cut x 1” and 10 cut x 1.4” , makes 140pcs

  • 190g butter
  • 100g icing sugar
  • 50g egg white
  • 220g Top flour or Cookie flour
  • 2tsp custard powder
  • 50g ground almond
  • Almond flakes
  • For egg wash-3 egg yolks + 1tbsp milk
1. Cream butter and icing sugar on low speed for 1 minute. Scrape mixing bowl and continue to mix on medium high speed for 3-4minutes till light and fluffy.
2. Add in egg white and mix on medium high speed for 1min.
3. Add in ground almond, mix well. Sifted in cookie flour and custard powder. Mix for 1 min to form soft dough (dough is wet).
4. Spread the dough onto the tray. Cover a plastic sheet on top and roll evenly with a rolling pin. Remove the plastic sheet.
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 170C (lower rack, fan forced) for 4mins until half cooked.
6. Take out from oven and let cool for 1min. Use a pizza cutter or knife, slice into rectangles.
7. Brush with egg yolk and place two pieces of almond flake on each of the cookie repeat until finished.
8. Do not brush egg yolk for the whole baking tray at one time, because egg yolk will turn dry quickly and almond flake will not stick to the cookie base.
9. Continue to bake at 170C (lower rack, fan forced) for 10mins or until golden brown ( try to rotate the tray for few times for even browning).
10. Once done, remove from oven and cool on a wire rack. Remove from the tray and store in air-tight container.

原来以前做的比较厚, 而且还有皱纹, 这次的不同的食谱, 有进步了少许。 最难的部份我觉得是怎样把面团均匀的擀平, 我的中间有些厚, 而且烘烤的时候也要把烤盘拿出来再放进去换位置, 才可以烤得均匀。 所以说这个饼干真的不容易, 所以外面卖的已经比较少见了。 

* I am submitting this post to Chinese New Year Delights 2013 hosted by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover * 


  1. 以前不喜欢杏仁味,后来会欣赏了,才发现外面卖的都好贵!!

    1. 这个不是东方的杏仁饼,所以杏仁味道不浓,你应该可以接受的。

  2. 你去年做的那款我还记得:)

    1. 这个我和家人都喜欢所以会再做,辛苦一点也值得的。

  3. Replies
    1. Jane, 没有厉害的,只是下点心机就可以的。

  4. 这个我也做了,薄薄一片,很好吃:)

    1. 你也一样喜欢噢,一块接一块,很难停止噢。

  5. Thanks for your shout out. Earlier i thought not many peoples willing to try this cookie because the tedious steps, hehehe..Ya, i agreed, to flatten and make the dought even is the most challenging part in this recipe..I suggest after you spread evenly, put a sheet of paper or plastic sheet and use a rolling pin to lightly smoothen it out..

    1. I love these cookies do much, so I must try! Yeah I tried your way, maybe this is the first time trying, I used up quite some time, but I think practice makes perfect.

  6. 我本来也很想做这个食谱,可是我没有那么薄的烤盘。看要留到明年才做。

    1. 因为这个是我的最爱啊, 所以我无论如何都要做了。

  7. Min说好吃就一定好吃,毛毛虫相信你。

    1. 这个是我的最爱, 希望你也一样喜欢啦!

  8. Wow very nice cookies, u really have the skill smin, I also like to eat this type of cookies but I won't try baking this at the moment, no such kungfu yet haha

  9. it is my favourite! I take long time to chew and taste this cookies, as I know it is very time consuming to make.


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