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Monday, September 10, 2012

姜汁炖奶 Steamed Ginger Egg Custard

很久很久以前, 我非常的喜欢姜汁撞奶这个甜品。记得一次在香港的时候, 曾经品尝过一个让人难以忘怀的姜汁撞奶。 但是后来再去找, 已经没有了, 所以有点可惜再也找不会那个味道了。 后来我也尝试自己在家自制这个甜品, 有成功过, 但是也有失败的时候。 直到后来看到小小米桶的书里, 有这个姜汁炖奶, 有点大同小异, 就决定给‘它’一个机会吧。 

姜汁炖奶 (改编自小小米桶的不失败厨房)
  • 老姜 1块 (磨成泥, 去1Tbsp的姜汁, 备用)
  • 牛奶 350ml
  • 细糖 70g (我减去40g)
  • 鸡蛋白 3个
  • 蜜红豆 4Tbsp
  1. 锅内放入牛奶和细糖, 开小火, 搅拌, 直到糖溶化, 待冷备用。
  2. 将蛋白轻轻搅拌打散后, 加入姜汁, 和以上的牛奶。 
  3. 把做法 (2) 的牛奶蛋液过滤2-3遍.
  4. 把耐热的陶瓷碗放入水滚的蒸锅蒸约5分钟, 让陶瓷变热, 再倒入牛奶蛋液。
  5. 以中大火蒸约5分钟, 转最小火, 并在锅盖处放根筷子留些空间, 蒸约6-8分钟, 即可。 
  6. 食用前才放上蜜红豆。 
Steamed Ginger Egg Custard
  • Old ginger 1 piece (grate to make 1Tbsp of its juice)
  • Milk 350ml
  • Castor sugar 70g (I reduced to 40g)
  • Egg white 3
  • Red bean 4Tbsp
  1. In a pot, with small heat, warm milk and sugar, stir till sugar dissolved. Let it cool. 
  2. Beat egg white lightly, add in ginger juice and the milk from (1).
  3. Let the mixtures run through fine sieve 2-3 times.
  4. Put in the ramekins into the steamer and steam for 5 minutes (to warm them up in order to shorten the steaming time later), then pour in the milk mixture.
  5. Steam with moderate to high heat for 5 minutes, then turn to small heat, and put chopstick at the cover of the steamer, to leave a place, steam for another 6-8 minutes.
  6. Add in red bean just before serving. 

这个炖奶做法不难, 而且成功率很高, 比起撞奶容易很多。 虽然没有完全相似的口感, 但是我觉得炖奶也很美味, 尤其是加了姜汁, 下雨天吃起来特别觉得有满足感的。 喜欢它很滑又很顺口的口感, 唯一不足的是姜汁放得不够, 下次应该可以多放一些。 这样简单的甜品, 下次应该会再做, 你也来试试看吧!


  1. 我要做这个:)


  2. Min, 姜汁撞奶 I've tried 4-5 times so far, only 1st time was 1/2 successful & the rest of the times, failed! And the last time I tried was just last week. I bought the fresh ginger home & keep them for 7 weeeks after failing for a few times, but still failed. I think I need to grate a lot of ginger & use them to extract some juice. But the thing is when the ginger is old, there is less juice & when the ginger is still fresh, it still didn't work to me, so I've given up that recipe, hahaha! 姜汁撞奶 is a famous dessert in HK & Macau, just as popular as egg tarts! Your steamed egg white custard look very soft & smooth there!

    1. Jessie, I did succeed a few times but not everytime, that's why I get fed up with it sometimes. So I tried this instead, which give a higher success rate, hehe. And this is really easy, although the texture is still a bit different from the 姜汁撞奶. Will be going to Hk this November, can't forward to try it again there.

  3. My son and I love this dessert! For my son he loves the original flavour which is without ginger.

    1. Yes, I made two without ginger one for my sister as she doesn't fancy the ginger taste.

  4. Replies
    1. 这个不用撞啊, 炖奶简单容易很多的!

  5. 炖奶真的比撞奶容易很多,上次撞奶凸锤了 :P


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